Corpo6 Gallery, 2012 ©N.Field


In November 2012, Nicolas collaborates with the American artist and musician Fritz Welch for an exhibition entitled "Making a mess for the masses" at the Corpo6 gallery in Berlin.

For this exhibition, the artists worked around the author Philip K Dick’s science fiction world of anticipation, and more specifically in connection with his book "The Man in the High Castle", listened to as an audio book during their residency in Berlin.

Nicolas focused his creations around rope, using hundreds of meters of cotton yarn and thread as the basic material for his works. The idea being, to bring to light, using a very common and almost universal piece of material, central concepts such as continuity, traceability, knots, filiation, junctions and crossbreedings.

He presents four installation works. The first, "No Joke", is a symbolic fence; visitors must pass under before entering the actual exhibition space. The numerous horizontal cotton threads are put into slight motion by a motor that exercises pressure on each of them; giving the impression that the text, spray painted on the cotton ropes in the manner of a graffiti, vibrates and lives. The installation flickers like a picture on an old CRT TV.

The second work was designed as the image of a mutant giant spider web, constantly expanding. It spreads towards the third work, which dangles down through a hole in the ceiling like a waterfall and ends in a sort of bushy tail of an imaginary animal. Finally, the fourth piece was produced as a performance for the opening of the exhibition. Here, the cotton thread was stretched and pulled apart in a process that is the opposite of the traditional spinning wheel.