Air Antwerpen, 2011 ©N.Field


Video of the installation here

In 2011, during his residency at Air Antwerpen, Nicolas creates another large visual and sound installation: "North of Black Atlantic Currents".

This installation is specifically thought and designed for the place (the old lockmaster’s house) where it was built. The structure is made of scaffolding tubes that completely infest the home. The idea was indeed to create a kind of second architecture growing from inside the house.

This construction extends through the entire height of the building, all the way up the stairwell like a spine, without touching neither floor or ceiling, but balancing horizontally with it’s multiple arms that journey through the corridors and rooms to rest on windowsills as they extend out to leave the house. In this way, the scaffolding acts not only as a counterweight to keep the whole structure in balance and give a rather disturbing feeling of lightness: it also creates a connection between the inside and the outside.

By using low frequency audio transducers on the top and bottom of the spine, the construction was put into movement, making the entire structure vibrate. The movement and trembling of the installation is noticeable and visible inside the house as well as outside.