Buttercup Metal Polish

BMP & Keiji Haino

The duo Buttercup Metal Polish (BMP) is composed by Nicolas Field and Alexandre Babel (drums and percussions/CH). The duo was born in late 2002, from the desire to give drums music a new dimension.

From the outset, the idea was to unify two trends: one, from a classical culture of contemporary music called "academic" and another from improvised music based on a large formal and stylistic aperture. In this way, drums may extend, renew and become a subject to experimentation on a game mode and real orchestra. Based on this idea, the duo decided to explore the possibilities of drums, through extended and new playing techniques, sometimes of his own invention. The duo has collaborated with Keiji Haino, Jacques Demierre, Otomo Yoshihide, Anthony Pateras and others.

BMP & Jacques Demierre

BMP Too Cold for Hookers (Ohne Darm) Mon Patron

BMP Live au Bourg